Our services

We provide free cleaning estimates to assess your needs; then select your cleaners to ensure you have the appropriate cleaning team. We choose the specific cleaning supplies your property needs so that your cleaning team can be prepared. Any cleaning job requiring extensive hours will have additional team members, especially on the Deep Cleaning. Our Supervisors organize and prioritize the teams and their objectives for maximum efficiency. Post-construction cleanings, spring cleanings and ongoing residential cleanings are assigned to a Field Supervisor for Quality Control assurance. Materials such as marbles, exotic woods, hand-made, delicate wall coverings, textured glass and other rare and precious materials are handled appropriately.

Let ULTIMAID take care of the projects you’ve been avoiding or never have time to do.!

  • Keep it clean

This clean is recommended for subscription customers.

As the name implies, this cleaning service is designed to keep a recently cleaned apartment in immaculate condition. It's recommended for customers who would like a subscription cleaning service. Book a Keep It Clean subscription and prepare to live in perpetual home bliss! Please note that if your home hasn't been professionally cleaned by a maid in several weeks (or months!), or you want a one time clean, we recommend booking a Get It Clean first.

What do our maids clean during a Keep It Clean?

Our "Keep It Clean" includes everything listed under "Keep It Clean" on our Checklist. This maid cleaning service includes most external surfaces (however, no walls, windows, or laundry), as well as inside the microwave and toaster. After we complete your clean, we'll leave behind a completed copy with a few notes from our maid!

  • Get it clean

This clean is recommended for new customers.

You should book this cleaning service if you've gone several weeks (or months!) without having your home professionally cleaned. This is also a great clean for special occasions such as: before or after a party, before or after a guest stay over, and if you have a pet that sheds. After booking this clean, you should switch to a Keep It Clean subscription to maintain the sparkle!

What do our maids clean during a Get It Clean?

Our Get It Clean includes everything listed under Keep It Clean, plus more on our Checklist. Additional services for this clean include: inside the trash can, baseboards, extra-strength scrubbing in bathroom/kitchen, and heavy dusting for your blinds. After we finish your clean our maid will leave behind a completed copy with a few notes from your cleaner!

  • Deep clean

This clean is recommended for those who need a "Deep Clean", or are moving.

Our Deep Clean is the most thorough home and apartment cleaning service you'd ever need. In addition to being perfect for move in/move out cleans, it's for when you feel your home needs a lot of extra care, such as when you want a true "Spring" cleaning service, or if you have areas that need a professional maid's attention. These cleans are typically all day events and they'll leave your home absolutely spotless!

What do our maids clean during a Deep Clean?

Our Deep Clean includes everything on our Checklist. This includes, but is not limited to: dusting, dry & wet mopping, scrubbing, trash & recycling, bathtubs, toilets, outer cabinets, lamps, couches, outside of the refrigerator, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, extra rooms, baseboards, blinds, bathroom tiles, inside the trash, removing stains (if possible), and inside of the oven, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom cabinets. Our maid will leave behind a checklist with notes after they finish your clean.

  • Window Cleaning and Pressure washing

We will clean all windows on the interior of the home and when possible the exterior if tilt-in features are available.

  • Refrigerator Cleaning

A great idea for seasonal cleanup! We start by wiping down each product as we remove all contents from the refrigerator. We then clean all surfaces including walls, shelves, drawers and more before replacing all items in an organized fashion.

  • Oven Cleaning

Messy oven? Let ULTIMAID clean your stove inside and out so it looks as good as new. We remove all racks and thoroughly clean all parts of the interior.

  • Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning

If you are moving in, or moving out, let ULTIMAID help make the transition a bit easier. Our professional teams help tenants, property owners, and realtors – learn more about our Turnover Cleaning Services for houses and apartments.

  • Open House Cleaning

Ideal for real estate agents, ULTIMAID will clean your property from top to bottom so it shines on the day of your big showing. We all know the first impression is everything – make it count with this special service.

  • Special Event Cleaning

Are you planning a birthday party, baby shower or other special event at your home? Let ULTIMAID make everything just perfect before your guests arrive or leave the cleanup to us while you relax after your event.

  • Holiday Cleaning

One of our most popular offerings. You have enough to do with all the gift buying, card writing, party planning, baking, cooking, present wrapping and more! Why not let ULTIMAID handle the dirty work while you focus on creating yet another memorable occasion for your family and friends.

  • Common-Area Cleaning

ULTIMAID also cleans all common areas in apartment buildings, condos and co-ops including entryways, hallways, club rooms and more. Building owners and property managers should contact us directly for more details on this service.

  • Vacation Rentals

Quick, professional cleanup after your guests have left. ULTIMAID offers the same, exceptional cleaning service we’re known for plus checks for damage, missing items or any other details at the owners request. Ideal for out-of-town property owners, tenants and sublessor’s, this service is an excellent way to have us keep an eye on your property and alert you of any issues.